AMS specializes in maintaining optimal system performance and extending the lifespan of a building’s HVAC system. We thoroughly understand that the HVAC equipment in your building directly relates to operating costs and the overall profitability of the building for its owners. We are one of the few companies based on the West side of the Puget Sound with highly trained commercial technicians who specialize in sophisticated HVAC systems and equipment. We understand that there is more to an HVAC system than a unit and a thermostat. We look at the design and functionality of the entire system. We strive to save our clients money long term through not only lowered repair and replacement costs, but also lower utility costs and efficient energy use. We work with commercial property management companies and building owners to develop long term economical replacement plans that their tenants can absorb incrementally rather than costing the owner substantial capital as a reaction to suddenly failed equipment. This strategy is ideal for all parties involved. That is how AMS always strives to operate. Helping our clients achieve optimal comfort and cost control.

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